Sunday, 21 February 2010

70th Birthday

Why is it when you are ill and can't be bothered do you get asked to do loads lol

These are the invitations samples I made for my mams friend for her 70th Birthday party. Yet another sneezing fit has lost the photo of the invitation she has chosen lol I will do another one soon xx
The first 3 are made wuith my SU wheel, I have had this for ages and keep forgetting to use it, I can't remember the names of the wheels I used though sorry, the scalloped circle is also from SU and is a punch I use alot. The green invite is embossed whith the cuttlebug and the last one is just some card scraps I had with some peel offs added.
I forgot to say this Lady is mad on Westie (West Highland Terriers) she owns 4, she breeds them,shows them and just generally lives for them lol hce the Westie on the 2nd invite. She also chose an invite with pictures of westies on xx

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