Sunday, 21 February 2010

My great Valenties day.

Valentines day was last Sunday the same Day as Chinese New Year. Now normally me and Ian don't celebrate valentines he says why just use one dy to tell somebody yu ove them you should tell them every day - Sweet I hear you say, but wait till you hear what he did. We arrange to take the children to Stowell Street (Newcastles China Town) where all of the chinese resteraunts are to watch the New Year Dragon dance (the dragon starts at the top of the streets and dances into each resteraunt for good luck) the kids were all excited and told their teacher and all their friends. Did we have a good time I hear you ask...... We didn't even get there Ian forgot and went fishing with his friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I reminde him al I got was Oh I completely forgot about that. Not Sorry I will fish another day or even would you mind if I go fishing instead just oops I forgot!!!!!!! Needless to say we have not been speaking all week lol

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